Mares & Offspring
Plumwood Arabians

Rohara Muscata (JK Amadeus x Muscadot) and her filly Plumwoods Aisha, a few minutes old, Spring 2006.

Muscata's grandsires are Muscat and Bey Shah.
Plumwoods Zara at 3 months.  Spring, 2010
WMF Blissful Bey (Lazer Bey x Bey Chablis) and her 2007 filly Plumwoods Patrish.
"See if you can keep up, Mommy!"
Rohara Muscata and Plumwoods Aisha, her 2006 foal, 3 days old, first day out. 
Our 27-year old mare, WA Seradansk (Gdansk+ x Bru-Bet Seramaid), at a Pony Club Eventing rally with grandson Dakota.
Is this the Cassel Arabian racing heritage showing up?  Plumwoods Petra (2006 foal) takes off.
9-year old Dakota Causey at the Pony Club Dressage Rally with Rohara Muscata.  Oct 31, 2010
New foal! March 20, 2011, Plumwoods Orzel, or "Zellie" for short.  Shown here with Dakota, at 2 days old.
Zellie amd Muscata, 2 weeks old, April 2011
Blissful Bey
April 2011
Plumwoods Zara, Jan. 2012, 22 months old
Steele Lilly, spring 2013 at Black Prong