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If you are interested in planning an event or a practice session in our arena or in staying in one of our Guest Houses, please e-mail us at for more information and for rates, or you may telephone at (352) 669-1412.

We look forward to sharing the beauty of Central Florida and the 383,000 acre Ocala National Forest with you and your horse.
Laura and Billy Causey
Available Local Instructors:

  • Kirsten Weaver  802 355-8346
  • Philipa McKie Gossett
  • Greta Wrigley

Additional Important Local Contacts:

  • Christian Caldwell, farrier, 863 228-0750
Kevin Young, farrier, 352 267-3727
  • Boomer Rowles, equine dentist 352 502-6420
Plumwood Arabians
Sierra, 4 years old, on Rohara Muscata.
GPS often sends people the wrong way.  Use the arena address instead of 150th St. for GPS:
44945 Dupree Rd., Altoona, FL
Guesthouse is on the north (right) side of road, while Arena is on the south (left).